Almond Zigmund

Artist Statement
My work is an exploration of tension, gesture, form and space. Using patterns and forms that I collect from various sources, industrial and domestic, I create structures, objects and tableaus that speak of a re-negotiated relationship of viewer to object and plane. By playing with perspective and manipulating the tension between flat color, form, and the implied three dimensional illusion, I can create a space which is complex yet simple, a space that is defined by our reactions and the visceral connection to basic principles of the art object: form color, line, space. By using simple geometry I seek to reframe the dialogue between the perceived and the actual, and in doing so investigate the nature of art and its relationship to life, a relationship that challenges us to re-investigate our positions and understanding of our own relative spatial security and grasp. To this end, working on a large scale and in public venues gives me the opportunity to play with these concepts. Whether spaces that people traverse without incident: a parking garage or corridor, or gather in with purpose: an educational center or restaurant, I am able to create a visceral and sensory experience through thoughtful and unexpected placement of form, color and pattern.

Originally from Brooklyn, Zigmund received her BFA from Parsons School of Design in both New York and Paris. She later earned her MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she studied art theory and criticism with the MacArthur Award-winning critic Dave Hickey. Zigmund’s work has been exhibited internationally for the past two decades including shows in Zurich, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Columbus. Her work has been selected for shows curated by Dave Hickey, Robert Storr, David Pagel, David Adamo, Andrea Grover, Rolf Staub, and Steven Criqui, among others. Zigmund currently lives and works in East Hampton, NY and has been represented by the Rebecca Ibel Contemporary Art Matters since 2005.