Evan Thomas

Artist Statement
My recent works explore the relationship between Art and Furniture. I developed a technique where I could use my images as a kind of veneer, and have made pieces where the doors, drawer faces and side panels are actual pictures. It was, and still is, my intention to collaborate with other artists; creating an environment where most of the cabinetry is works of Art.

In the early days of Covid-19, when I had a lot of time on my hands, I began assembling a series of children’s blocks, with my friend’s image— front, back and both sides— on them. I was thinking of a set of Blocks for Big Boys, amusingly erotic and playful, but found the different positioning could be quite disturbing as well.

My interests have always see-sawed between the Fine and Performing Arts. I entered college as an Art Major, and graduated with a degree in Theatre. While trying to make a go as a professional actor in NYC in the Eighties, I began Woodworking, eventually running a shop in the City, and finally starting my own business on the East End. I never gave up acting for long, often taking a part in an Indie Film or a stage production. I also began to seriously pursue Photography as well.

About fifteen years ago, I began to practice Fire Dancing, eventually performing professionally. With two others, we created The Fiery Sensations, and are still actively performing at public and private events. As a sideline, I also work as a Snake Wrangler, bringing one or two snakes to shows on the Burlesque circuit. Snakes and dancers figure prominently in my photography.