Darius Yektai

We look backwards, We learn, We go forwards

Artist Statement
In my presentation for Drive-By-Art I chose to focus on the work I have made based on paintings from Art History. These works pay homage to the great paintings of the past, and have been refashioned anew. We need to remember where we have been. It is the base of our future and needs to be studied. When we emerge from this pandemic we should also learn from the past. We should step forward with purpose and care, growing our love for the old earth, and building wiser in our gratitude for the new.

Darius Yektai
After Rembrandt: Danae After The Bath, 2017
oil, paper, pencil, watercolor on linen
46 x 49 inches

Darius Yektai
After Poussin: Moses And The Crossing Of The Red Sea, 2001
oil on linen
68 x 80 inches

Darius Yektai was born in 1973 in Southampton, New York. He studied science and art at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, and then received his bachelor of arts degree in Art History from the American University in Paris in 1996. Mr. Yektai has shown internationally in London and Dubai and has had several solo shows in New York and in the Hamptons including a solo survey of his early work at Guild Hall Museum in Easthampton in 2003, and then again more recently at the museum in the group show, ‘Yektai’ with his father Manoucher Yektai and his brother Nico Yektai in 2017. He will open his exhibition “Darklight” at Duck Creek Arts Center in Springs on September 5. The exhibition brings together six large scale dark self portraits to create a meditative space for the contemplation of humanity.