Esly E. Escobar

Blue Charm

Southampton Arts Center (front entrance)

Artist Statement
Blue charm is A Blue Stone Pillar with engraved and Grouted Hieroglyphics it is a Symbol of good energy.

Blue Charm
72”x 2”x 2” inches
Blues Stone, Grout

Contact: Daniela Kronemeyer at

Esly E. Escobar creates work that combines techniques from readymade found art, assemblage and collage, Abstract Expressionism, and drip painting methods. The artist generally works in large format painting, often combining oils, acrylics, and enamels into a single work. His organic process involves positioning canvases flat on the floor, layering and dripping paint in a 360-degree angle until an “identity” or “character” is revealed from the abstractions. According to the artist, some of these non- representational characters “take on names, personalities, quirks, and background narratives of their own.” Escobar also uses diptych and triptych formats, and experiments with odd-shaped canvases and found objects such as album covers of old LPs incorporated into his mixed media paintings.

Escobar’s work was featured in the solo exhibition Colorful Journey at The Remsenburg Academy in 2017, and in an earlier solo show there in 2015. His paintings were included in three group shows in 2016 (Guild Hall, East Hampton; East End Arts, Riverhead; Westhampton Library); and again at Westhampton Library in December 2018. Escobar’s work is in several private collections including The Parrish Art Museums Permanent Collection.