Brianna Ashe

shapes that make me smile

I have only ever wished for all the time in the world, morning, noon and night to make and immerse myself in my work. I have found this time extremely difficult to focus and create. I find myself riddled with worry and concern for what is happening around us. It’s likely most people won’t ever have this much consecutive time available to us ever again. When life returns, our normal stress of money making and being held accountable by our personal and professional lives will set back in. I can’t make sense of much at this moment, but I am grateful for everyone in the creative community out East who has come together and lent a hand where needed, without being asked, checking in, leaving food on doorsteps. There is something to be said for all these beautiful displays of humanity alongside so much grief we’re experiencing everyday.

Artist Statement
My work plays with color, text, shapes and all the personal and worldly subjects that bring me anxiety, pleasure and everywhere in-between. Creating is how I best digest what is happening around me, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Drawing feels like meditation. Making a mess gives me comfort.

Brianna Ashe is an artist on the east end of Long Island. She enjoys cooking, spending time with friends and making things with her hands. Brianna makes a living by helping other artists hang shows, make, and problem solve creative issues.