Joel Perlman

The coronavirus is hard for all of us. I am lucky to have a great studio out here and can work every day. I enjoy the peace and quiet (especially now), but the isolation is getting old. I miss my friends and my peers and looking at a lot of art. No museums, no galleries, no studio visits, no teaching at SVA. My work is very labor intensive and that keeps me busy; but I am ready for more human contact.

Artist Statement
Making sculpture is an adventure for me. I never plan, I just start working and see what happens. I might pick a type of metal or a scale, but aside from that, I am just winging it. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy, but when I finally get there it’s always exciting.

Joel Perlman
Wonder Wheel, 2016
Powder-coated steel (at the corner of Prospect Street & North Sea Road, Southampton)

Joel Perlman
Table Top, 1988
Welded steel (at 109 Upper 7 Ponds Rd)

Joel Perlman is best known for his sculptures that juxtapose flat circular and geometric shapes of welded steel, aluminum, and bronze in three-dimensional space. His sculptures sketch themselves out in airy volumes, both glorifying and defying the weight and density of the materials. He is represented by Loretta Howard Gallery, New York. Please see his website for more information.