Angel Chen

Meet Me in Joshua Tree, 2020
Vinyl banner
42 x 81

The coronavirus quarantine period has given us a great pause, an opportunity to reassess, recalibrate, and recommit.  We can choose a new path.  The Joshua Tree Society for Art & Living nurtures the creative process through a philosophy of permaculture that is natural, organic, and sustainable.  By returning to the land, we reconnect and harmonize with ourselves, each other, and the natural environment. 

Proceeds of this print will benefit the Spartan Mansion Artist Residency

Artist Statement
The artist is a modern mystic, cultural producer, and gatekeeper of the secrets of eternity.  To create fearlessly, one must reach deep into ancient wells, transforming our darkest shadows into light.  Making art is a spiritual practice, channeling material, form, space, and time itself.   The work is feminine, process-based, and intuitive.  Living and working on the edge of civilization, immersed in the natural environment of the raw, wild desert, in harmony with the earth and its rhythms, my closest neighbors are rattlesnakes and scorpions… I make art from this place.

Angel Chen is best known for her Forces of Nature series.  She works in multiple materials from painting to sculpture to photography to media.   The work is “Femme Brut” delicate and forceful, material and ephemeral, timeless and now, raw and refined.  Born in Taipei, raised on the coast of Southern California, she earned her BFA from UCLA, and MFA from Calarts, received the Ahmanson award, distinguished Skowhegan artist residency, and Atlantic Center for the Arts Fellowship.  She exhibited at BVLGARI jewelry showroom on Rodeo Drive and completed a 20 ft commission for the Annenberg Foundation Offices.  She considers her Zen Dome Joshua Tree to be her largest sculpture to date.