Kenny Scharf

Toy Drive, 2019-2020
One hundred feet and growing.
Plastic toys, plastic garbage.

Artist Statement
Toy drive is a continuation of my obsession with plastic and garbage. This is an ongoing and growing piece that gets added to a couple times a month. Most of it is found discarded in the street, or my personal consumption and/or plastic things that come across my path. I hope to stimulate the eyes and mind. The ongoing consumption of plastic goods is continuously overflowing and overwhelming the earth and especially the world’s oceans. Plastic trash is a great artist material because it’s free, colorful, light, waterproof, and evocative.
Although, I feel sad about the suffering that people are going through physically and mentally during this time I also welcome the brief but hopeful respite( I noticed a lot more birds singing outside my window)that the slow down has caused as I feel the pace and path we were on similar to a speeding freight train going off a cliff.