Renée A. Fox

Posy, 2020
Acrylic on Pellon
40 x 38 inches

It doesn’t look like our world will be quite the same and the anxiety that exists because we are physically separated from each other without the ability to plan on what happens next is something I believe art can help to alleviate. Thank you to Warren Neidich, Renee Petropoulos, Michael Slenske, Anuradha Vikram, Julie McKim and everyone else working on and participating in the Drive-By-Art Los Angeles project for helping to bring art to everyone, at a time when generous gestures like this are needed.

Artist Statement
Nature has always been my muse. I am inspired by its intense beauty, resiliency and ability to heal, the fragrance of flowers blooming and sex in the spring that turns to death in winter. As a subject, nature for me grows more urgent, now more than ever before. I illustrate plants and animals in graphite and colored pencil as transparent layers over acrylic paintings of mythical landscapes with features of local landmarks like the range of the Sierras, Point Reyes and sometimes urban settings like Laurel Canyon. My passion for early American landscape painting inspired a dedicated study of traditional painting and drawing techniques which I enjoy using in combination with safe non toxic materials and modern methods. Stories referencing popular myths of love and loss surface in the paintings, and there is always a sweet vulnerability there, where ordinary things become special, that I think probably every person can relate to.

Born in Frederick, MD (1973), Renée Fox studied at the Corcoran School of Art and Design, WDC, from 1998- 2000, and Otis College of Art and Design, LA 2000- 2002. Since then she has exhibited new work each year in Los Angeles and nationally. She completed seven public art mural projects between 2012 and 2019, the next planned for LAX in 2021. Her work is in the permanent collection at MOAH and private collections.