Kulapat Yantrasast (SAT only)

KoolKat's Kare Wash, 2020
Performance with free car wash given to artists, art and medical professionals on first come first serve basis.

Artist Statement
Kulapat’s Kare Wash is more an act of engagement and gratitude towards artists, art professionals and medical professionals so they have clean cars to drive towards their destinations. Even without human contact, with the guests remain savagely within their vehicles, the artists of the Kare Wash hope to serve and convey the sense of care and gratitude as they do their best to cleanse. Guests will leave with shiny vehicle and specially made Bumper Sticker Decal as a memory of the Kare Wash in May 2020.

Kulapat Yantrasast (born in Bangkok) is a thinker and designer in architecture, art and design. He is the founding partner and creative director of wHY, a design practice with focus in multiple disciplines, organized into dedicated workshops – architecture, landscape, museums, objects, and ideas. In 2007 Yantrasast’s studio designed the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the first new art museum building in the world to receive the LEED certification (Gold).Yantrasast talks and lectures around the globe on creativity, food, and architecture.