Renee Petropoulos

Bouquet, 2014
Stainless steel, mirrored stainless steel, paint, photograph

A bouquet of flowers as a gift and as a symbol of diversity, national identity, and beauty form the underlying motivation for the sculpture.  This idea has been developed through the form and the materials, which respond and correspond to the environment and the conceptual framework of the idea. The civic proximity and intimacy of domestic residences establish the framework for the gesture of bestowing a bouquet and cultivating an object that might suggest the connection between the two aspects.   Using a material such as stainless steel enhances the structural and visible dominance of the form, while the image presented of beautiful blooming flowers counterbalances this suggestion.  The reflection of the environment, provided by the reflective steel, dissipates the form by allowing it to ‘disappear’ from various viewpoints, thus allowing for an ever- changing experience.