Vincent Johnson

Day glow spray paint on painter's drop cloth printed with camouflage
9 x 12 feet

Oil on Canvas
40 x 30 inches

Artist statement
It is my experience that driving a car in Los Angeles and seeing the world through its windows is a complex real­time cinematic event. Many portions of the Los Angeles and America that I photograph came into existence when New York was attempting to wrest the thorn crown of painting from Paris and succeeded. In the course of producing a photographic archive of urban America, I have employed strategies of production such as those used by the flâneur and the derive. From this also comes abstract paintings that are process-based explorations into interiority. Then there is my writing.

Vincent Johnson is an artist and writer in Los Angeles. He is best known for his photographs of urban environments and autobiographical short stories. Johnson is represented by the Erica Broussard gallery in North Adams, Mass.