Peter Zellner

Tranquility speculating upon the mysteries in man, 2017
Acrylic on butted canvas
48 x 48 inches

Artist Statement
This work is inspired by Herman Melville’s contemplations of the unknowable in nature and, by extension, what remains unknown to us about our own natures.

Peter Zellner (b. 1969, Manhattan, New York) is an architect, painter, and educator. As an architect he has designed numerous art galleries on both coasts including Matthew Marks Los Angeles (with Ellsworth Kelly), Maccarone and Night Gallery. His recent paintings are characterized by an insistent and obsessive fashioning and refashioning of families of marks and symbols. Often making his works on the ground or floor, Zellner employs non-traditional instruments and devices to spread, scrape, apply and “…synthesize layers of ecstatically colored mottled fields, thickly painted segmented hexagrids, brush-drawn figures, and moments of atmospheric interruption.” (Christopher Michlig.)