Francesca Gabbiani (night only)

This work is part of the LA landscape and exists on its own

To access: Get on 101 Freeway South on Sunset Blvd and get off on Western, right before the Western exit look to the right out your window and there is the place I want the viewer to see.

Due to the fact that it is on city property I was unable to place a sign on the premises, so some detective work from the viewer might have to be involved. It will be a drive by glancing through the window. The experience is definitely enhanced at night because of the eerie nature of the building.

Artist Statement
What do we do in LA ? We drive often, and often we drive on freeways. We see a large part of the LA landscape this way. As an artist I get ideas when driving around the city, commuting from one place to the other, alone with my thoughts in my car. Coincidentally this landmark on Western Ave freeway exit is right on the cusps off east and west side of the drive by project which is kind of a nice place to be. I have driven in front of this unremarkable little house with a green light, and its precarious adjacent staircase, over and over again. At night it looks like a secret place where my imagination can be at work . The green light gives it an eerie LA noir quality.

When I first moved to LA, I would drive around and recognize places from books and movies. All of them were mostly murder places from writers like James Ellroy and movie (among others) by John Cassavetes : “the killing of a Chinese Bookie” The place I chose for this experience is coincidentally a very vivid place for my husband, who as a kid lived nearby and had some fantasies shared with his father about the house.

Born 1965- Studied in Switzerland (ESAV), The Netherlands ( Rijskakademie van Beeldende Kunsten), UCLA MFA. Represented by Gavlak Gallery (LA and Palm beach FL), Lora Reynolds Gallery in Austin TX, Monica de Cardenas (Europe). Major Museums Collections US : Hammer Museum, LACMA, MOCA, Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA. Europe: MAMCO, KUNSTHALLE Bien, KUNSTHALLE Aarau, Kunsthaus Basel, Kunsthaus ZURICH, FRAC Normandie to name a few.