Brian C. Moss (day + night)

Shared / Divided (July 25, 2014, NY Times), 2014-2020
Graphite on vellum on windows
80 x 130 inches

Artist Statement
In her 7/25/14 column for the New York Times, Ginia Bellafante wrote about a building in Manhattan that combined condominiums with affordable rental units for low-income residents. The building “received approval from the city for separate entrances — one for wealthy residents and one for those earning far less who would occupy the project’s affordable units, in a separate wing.” When viewing my work, the buildings behind you are condominiums referenced to in this URL. My drawings are situated in a building for low to moderate income individuals built by the same developer, partly in exchange for tax breaks. Our rents are determined by HUD. While we “share” the alley, we have separate gated entrances within a shared garage.

Vacancy de-control began in California in 1999, with a state law declaring when a unit became vacant, the rent could rise to “market rates.” In 1999, 83% of all units in Santa Monica were affordable, while in 2017, less than 4% are affordable. In 2018, a tenant must have earned over $110,000 per year to afford a median two bedroom unit (according to HUD, your rent should be 30 percent of your monthly adjusted income). bcm, 2020

As an artist, Brian C. Moss uses computers, drawings, installation, language, photography and sculpture. His projects ask viewers to question the ways that perception and visual media structure and interrelate all facets of physical and emotional experience. Moss’ varied and wide-ranging practice includes documentary photography, multi-media installations, public art and collaborative community-based art projects. His work has been widely exhibited in across the United States and he has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, Rockefeller Foundation, Durfee Foundation, Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division, Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, Olson Color Expansions, Kodak and Astra-Zeneca.