Sarah Beadle

Untitled (Here), 2020
Rip-Stop Nylon, Rope, Sandbags
10 by 18 feet

Artist Statement
My professional life and creative life have had parallel currents which circulate around the material possibilities of food. Beginning as documents, writing, and research, my creative work has unfolded as carefully composed eating encounters, social clubs, speakeasies, or gatherings. Events provide an approachable structure for historical, political, or material puzzles. Plus, the added bonus of the work finding its completion in shared conversation, consumption, and digestion.

The forms of social engagement I’ve built a life on can’t happen right now, and may never be the same. Perhaps it’s all over. What a grand opportunity to start over with something new. Or, return to things I’ve done in the past.

Untitled (Here), 2020 marks a tenuous return to the production of improbable objects. I look forward to returning to photography. Much of my work will continue to occupy spaces of exchange where reciprocity (or lack of it) is more pronounced: living rooms, thresholds, back hallways, parking lots, kitchens, garages, bus stops. It will continue to trace and materialize spatial and social politics. I’m still interested in what birds, butterflies, and mammals can teach us about terrain, control, imagination of movement over land. About territorial ideologies. About border control. Yet now, instead of articulating my thoughts through encounters, I return to things. Things observed, sometimes at a distance. Like a beckoning windsock. That’s where things are now.

Sarah Beadle is an artist, producer, and educator who uses event production, architectural intervention, and photography to test everyday experiences of pleasure, power, and consumption. Her work is site focused, process driven, and activated by subjective research. Recent projects examine the cultural regulation of acts of reciprocity, especially around invisible labor, the performance of hospitality, and the politics of care. Her work is often dedicated to what animals can teach humans about politics.

Beadle has produced events and performed with artist collective notch at University Art Gallery, CSULB, Long Beach; Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha; Los Angeles Nomadic Division Manifest Destiny Billboard Project; MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles; Materials & Applications, Los Angeles; UAG @ University of California, Irvine; Wight Gallery, University of California, Los Angeles; Carter and Citizen Gallery, Los Angeles; Queen’s Nails Projects, San Francisco; 18 Reasons, San Francisco; NTBA Gallery, Los Angeles; CENTRAL, Portland; TuckUnder, Minneapolis. She has exhibited photography at UAG Gallery, University of California, Irvine; Wight Gallery, University of California, Los Angeles; Denizen Design Gallery, Los Angeles.