Bettina Hubby

Flashe paint on tarp
(Hanging on a concrete wall on Monterey Road)

The tarp painting will be hanging over the concrete wall on Monterey Road, viewable from either direction of the two-lane traffic. There is also a walking path on both sides if one were to want to park and walk by.

Artist Statement
This neon painted text piece viewable from the street, depicts this recognizable, but perhaps not fully understood word: “ABRACADABRA,” originally used to ward off illness in the second century AD.  With the pandemic in mind, I painted the word repeatedly in its traditional triangular form, with one letter dropped from each successive line. The intention: as the word is repeated and reduced, so is the illness.

Bettina Hubby (b. 1968, New York City) earned her MFA in 1995 from the School of Visual Arts in New York and moved to Los Angeles in 1999, where she currently lives and works.

Hubby’s practice is wide-ranging, including collage, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, video, VR and photography. While humor is what grounds her practice, she explores themes of ritual, construction, identity, community, and the constantly changing notion of self and other within all of those interrelated categories. In addition to her individual practice, Hubby is known for her extensive collaborative projects and curatorial work—engaging diverse communities and often existing in settings that challenge the conventions of exhibition spaces, celebrating collaboration and resisting easy categorization.

Hubby’s work has been widely exhibited including solo exhibitions at Klowden Mann (Los Angeles), The Erotic Heritage Museum (Las Vegas), and Lora Reynold Gallery (Austin). Group exhibitions in Los Angeles include Klowden Mann, Santa Monica Museum of Art, LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division), ForYourArt, Side Street Projects, and The Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. Hubby and her projects have been featured in numerous media outlets including ARTFORUM, The New York Times, T Style Magazine, W Magazine, NPR, Los Angeles Times, Curbed, and LAWeekly.