Kyle Benjamin Jorgensen

Plume, 2020
Birch plywood, tissue boxes, worn fabric sleeve, poplar, lumber. 2020
6 x 18 x 48 inches

Artist Statement
This body of work incorporates tissue boxes as a unit of construction and a measure of bodily excess. Each series of tissue boxes (square and rectilinear) provides an interior structure for an exterior plywood facade. These envelopes are dictated by the ways in which the tissue box units are arranged. This playful system operates on rules of containment; the tissue box is completely contained within its shell, there’s an opening for tissues to be extracted and the units themselves are unable to be replaced if depleted. Once emptied of their contents these openings could become homes for birds.

Kyle is a Los Angeles based, multidisciplinary artist. His work explores the boundaries between sculpture and architecture and often employs conceptual approaches using everyday objects.