Dani Tull

Slow Burners (Lanterns), 2019
Mixed materials
Dimensions variable, site-specific

Artist Statement
SLOW BURNERS is an ongoing series of functioning lanterns whose forms are unrefined, raw and unmistakably made by hand. Each unique lantern is emotive, conveying ephemeral aspects of the human condition. The lanterns bulbs and wires harnessing an electric current can be seen as a representation of the human body and states of human consciousness. Previously, my lanterns have been exhibited in indoor exhibition spaces, for DRIVE-BY-ART (PUBLIC ART IN THIS MOMENT OF SOCIAL DISTANCING), I am interested in the opportunity to see and present them in an exterior public setting. Lanterns illuminate our path during times of darkness, to exhibit these works at this time takes on an additional tenor as our paths have been dimmed by so much uncertainty – collectively and individually. I hope these works conjure an inner meditative sense while simultaneously illuminating a sense of togetherness on the path of your art pilgrimage.

Additional background on the lanterns: These works were initially inspired by spending a great deal of time in Barcelona amidst the great works of Catalan Modernisme (Modernism). While in Catalan region, I had some extraordinary and profound experiences of both extreme beauty and horror. My family and I were present during the terrorist attack a few years ago on Barcelona’s grand promenade Las Ramblas. While we are lucky to be alive, witnessing the event and participating in both the ensuing anti-terrorists demonstrations and the various memorials was a lot to process. Prior to the attack, I was deeply moved by many of Barcelona’s architectural landmarks, in particular the light spilling in through the Sagrada de Familia and The Church of the Colonia Güell (both by modernist architect Antoni Gaudí). I was also fascinated by the large gothic lamps around the narrow streets of the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter), as well as the lamps and lanterns found in many of the region’s cathedrals and sacred sites. I had been struck by the relationship of natural light spilling into these structures during the day and the manmade light spilling out of the large lamps in the evening.

In the days following the terrorist attack, a number of spontaneous memorial sites sprouted up along the Las Ramblas promenade. Staying just around the corner, we visited and participated often. The sense of mourning expressed by the messages, objects and thousands of flickering candles placed by visitors, created one of the most beautiful and emotive participatory creations I have ever witnessed. My time in Barcelona was profoundly marked by and expressed by experiences of light and form.

Dani Tull lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He received his MFA from Stanford University in 1990 and a BFA from The San Francisco Art Institute in 1984. Tull has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums internationally with selected solo exhibitions including Blum and Poe (LA), Jack Hanley Gallery (SF), The Pit (LA), Kim Light Gallery (LA), Fredericks & Freiser (NY) Torch Gallery (Amsterdam). Recent exhibitions include On Stellar Rays (NY), Jacob Lewis Gallery (NY) and LAM Gallery (LA). Tull’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Artforum, Art in America, I.D. Magazine, Wallpaper and Frieze amongst others. Tull is also an accomplished musician and has collaborated with a variety of internationally recognized artists such as Jim Shaw, Raymond Pettibon and Marnie Weber. Permanent collections include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Getty, The Laguna Art Museum and The Peter Norton Family Collection. Tull was cited by Ed Ruscha for a feature in Wallpaper* Magazine, “LA’s brightest new talent and truest voices.” As an accomplished musician and composer he has recorded and performed with a great variety of musicians. Recent musical projects include solo performances for SASSAS, West Of Rome and LAFMS. Dani Tull is also a member of D’red D’warf, a band project with artist Jim Shaw. Tull is also co-owner of ODD ARK LA gallery in Los Angeles.