Rebecca Bruno

Artist statement
Rebecca Bruno’s work explores the creative impact of embodiment and place, spanning multiple media including dance, photography, video, drawing, painting, and installation. Often sensitive to the site in which her works are experienced, Bruno draws inspiration from architecture, movement, psychoanalysis, and color. Informed by humanity’s impulses toward self-understanding, and world-fathoming, Bruno employs methods of abstraction, expressionism, surrealism, and dream-tending to facilitate the experience of lesser-seen and felt-sense qualities.

Rebecca Bruno is a Los Angeles-based, California artist. Much of her work is informed by a dance training stemming from American modern and post-modern lineages with influences from American jazz, Eastern European folk dance, Russian and Italian classical ballet, and somatic methods like ideokinesis and authentic movement. Bruno’s interest in visual art and installation grew out of a desire to track the choreographic process in an attempt to reflect on the experience of ephemerality and synthesize the moving body and the space in which it exists.