Katja Farin

Ominous Music, 2020
Oil on Canvas
48 in x 72 inches

Artist Statement
The paintings investigate the figures’ relationship to the self, the other, the friend, the lover. The figures’ faces sometimes are rendered like masks, flat and stoic, to evoke a hiding of identity, molding into the background unseen. Performances are played out behind closed doors that invert their public counterparts. The environment becomes a microcosm for activity, how people interact, relate themselves to one another and the relationship between figure and object. Ambiguity — or perhaps anonymity — is meant to not only allow viewers a way to see themselves within the figures, but also to be an expression of contemporary interactions: those that are distant, voyeuristic, and fueled by anxiety surrounding technology.

Katja Farin (b. 1996, Los Angeles, CA) lives and works in Los Angeles. Farin earned a BA in Fine Art from UCLA. Her work has been featured as a Critic’s Pick in Artforum, for her first solo show at in lieu, Los Angeles. She was featured as one of Cultured Magazine’s 30 under 35 artists for 2020.