Erika Ostrander

Help me find my proper place, 2020
Sausage casing, human hair, studio trash
Dimensions variable

Erika Ostrander’s sculptures and installations reflect her engagement with the ephemerality of materials and the tactile and performative aspects of her work process. Incorporating materials such as human hair, salvaged print media, and animal tissue, Ostrander engages in the production of visceral objects that invoke the body’s phenomenological relationship to the transformation of the organic materials with which she works. Ostrander received her MFA from the UC San Diego in 2016; her MA in 2013 and BA in 2011 from California Sate University, Northridge. Her work has been exhibited at The Brand Library, Torrance Art Museum, Reserve Ames, Eastside International, Open Mind Art Space,  and the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. Currently, Ostrander is the Exhibitions Coordinator for the CSUN Art Galleries.