Dani Dodge

Choppy Waters, 2020
Installation of nearly 100 paper boats: paper, thread, fire and seawater

Artist Statement
I am an installation artist who creates immersive, interactive environments that incorporate video, paint, sculpture and sometimes performance. In Choppy Waters I explore ideas of bodies out of place and time.

Dani Dodge uses unexpected sculptural materials to alter spaces. Her experience as an embedded journalist during the 2003 invasion of Iraq changed her forever. Since then, she has created art and installations that transform and challenge expectations. Within these works are often elements of magical realism. From brightening a black and white snowy forest in Ireland with luminescent tree stumps to turning a Los Angeles gallery into a gantlet of rotating car parts made from baby blankets, her works play with surrealist ideas using innovative forms. The works merge the rational and the dream state. Dodge has created site-specific installations at the Coos Art Museum, Lancaster Museum of Art and History, New Museum Los Gatos, Inland Empire Museum of Art, Inglewood Public Library, San Diego International Airport, San Diego Art Institute and more. Dodge’s installation/performance CONFESS at 2015’s LA Pride was named one of the outstanding public art projects of the year by Americans for the Arts.
Her work is included in four museum collections and has been shown across the U.S. and internationally. Dodge lives and works in Los Angeles.