Marty Schnapf

Artist Statement
I work with the inconstant emotional and psychological space experienced in dream, desire, memory, and premonition. In Par la main, a woman’s right hand signs, salutes, and shades. Light breaks in a partial spectrum across her palm. She looks out beneath a broad-brimmed hat through the shadow of her hand. A second set of eyes (second sight) peer from her upturned collar. Button loops open like mouths mid-breath, but she remains close-lipped. Her left hand draws the coat tighter or removes it. One hand sees. The other decides how much to reveal.

Marty Schnapf
Par la Main, 2019
Oil on linen
30 x 40 inches

Marty Schnapf
The Throne, 2019
oil on linen
60 x 48 inches

Born in 1977, Marty Schnapf received his BFA from Wittenberg University and studied in Italy through the Lamar Dodd School of Art. He has exhibited work throughout the U.S. and internationally with recent solo exhibitions at Diane Rosenstein Gallery in Los Angeles, Alice Black Gallery in London, Soulangh Cultural Park in Tainan, and Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles. He is the recipient of numerous international residencies and grants including, most recently, the 2017 Rema Hort Mann Community Engagement Grant.