Cammie Staros

Soliloquy with a Chorus, 2018
Ceramic, brass, maple and paint
56 x 16 x 15 inches

Artist Statement
I make sculptures and installations that mine Classical antiquities and the contexts in which we view them. Through a combination of ancient techniques, contemporary sensibility, and museological display, my work folds the past in on itself to reveal semiotic systems developed and reinforced through art history. I try to challenge the dominant historical narrative that places the relics of my own Greek lineage at the origin of the “Western Canon,” adding broader regional and epochal references to reflect the overlapping nature of visual influence and considering the role of the museum in the shaping of such narratives and such canons.

Staros received her BA in Art and Semiotics from Brown University (2006) and her MFA in Art from the California Institute of the Arts (2011). She has presented solo exhibitions with Shulamit Nazarian, François Ghebaly, and Lefebvre & Fils galleries. Her work is currently on view in the Ceramics Biennial at the Craft Contemporary Museum and is featured in 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow, a Thames & Hudson survey of contemporary sculpture. She has received several awards, grants, and residencies, including a 2020 Guggenheim Fellowship.