Shahla Friberg (day + night)

Evening performance: Saturday, May 23rd, 8pm-midnight

Artist Statement
Shahla Friberg’s faceted creations are conceived and formed through a meditative, organic process. Beginning with a broad intention, she meticulously builds her pieces guided solely by intuition and instinct, allowing each object to unfold and develop into whatever her hands decide. She cuts varied pieces of glass into shards, some mirrored, others colored, ultimately connecting them to one another at differing angles using molten solder and copper foil, similar to a traditional stained glass technique. Imagining rigid materials, like metal and glass, finally assembled into something gracefully fluid seems counterintuitive to the inherent properties of these materials, however, Friberg’s comfort with her unyielding medium renders the outcome as effortless as her proc

Friberg has been making work since 1996, beginning with photography, eventually using an old Holga camera to create multi-exposed images that were later shown in an exhibition called diamond dust. In 2006, she started to experiment with painting, employing mediums such as enamel and furniture paint until she finally settled on using oils. Her paintings were included in the exhibition she produced titled the blessed event, alongside Chris Cuseo, Mark Maggiori, and Norman Reedus. Friberg launched her conceptual jewelry line Ludevine in 2009, and although she prefers not to participate in the retail realm, it was this creative venture that inspired her current focus.

Most recently several of her works in glass were featured in the highly acclaimed group show, the re-inauguration of the pleasure dome, alongside Isabelle Albuquerque, Mike Kelly, David Lachapelle, Devin b. Johnson and Gus Van Sant, curated by Ben Lee Ritchie Handler, presented by Jeffrey Deitch gallery, Nicodim Gallery and Autre Magazine for LA Frieze week 2020. She is currently preparing for a show at Marie Kirkegaard gallery in Copenhagen, opening spring 2020. 

Shahla Friberg
Glass, Mirror and Lead-free solder
19.5 x 14 x 20 inches

Shahla Friberg
KALEYE, 2018
Glass, Mirror and Lead-free solder
17 x 21 x 20 inches

Shahla Friberg
Glass, Mirror and Lead-free solder
60 x 38 x 24 inches

Shahla Friberg
Glass, lead-free solder & Steel
42 x 7 x 8 inches

Shahla Friberg (born in Toronto, Canada, 1978) currently lives and works between Los Angeles, ca, and Skåne, Sweden. She attended Balliol College, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK (2002); New York Film Academy, New York (2003); Stella Adler Conservatory, Los Angeles, ca (2005); and L’école Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts, Paris, France (2011-2012). Her exhibitions include blessed event, Los Angeles (2009); Diamond Dust, Seeline Gallery, Los Angeles (2011); Dreams of forgotten caves, Los Angeles (2017); Art Night, Crown and Conquer (in association with spotify), Los Angeles (2018); and Spring Break art fair, with Hilde Gallery,  Los Angeles (2019), Art House LA,  Los Angeles (2019), 40thanniversary Venice Family Clinic art walk & auction at Google headquarters LA, Los Angeles (2019), group show, Galleri Lohme, Malmö, Sweden (2019), open studio Soho House LA, Paris Texas LA Gallery,  Los Angeles (2019), The Re-inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, group show, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery & Nicodim Gallery,  Los Angeles, Frieze week (2020)